Quarterback, Key'shaun Williams, during Hawthorne's first game of the season against P.K. Yonge August 23.

Hornet’s Offense Loses Four Possessions to Turnovers, Resulting in a Dixie County Victory 20-13

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With four turnovers, Hawthorne’s offense performed below expectations against the Dixie County Bears. Key’shaun Williams walked off the field at halftime, having thrown an interception and fumbling within the five-yard line. “We got sloppy,” Head Coach for Hawthorne, Cornelius Ingram said. “We had careless turnovers, in the red-zone, where we could have had at least three points, at that.”

Prior to the game, Hawthorne was ranked sixth in Class 1A, ahead of Dixie County that was placed in eighth.

“We played tough, but this is a fourth-quarter game,” Ingram said.

Starting Strong

Hawthorne began the game with a fast score during their first drive. They maintained this lead through the end of the first quarter. However, the Bears answered back with a touchdown resulting from a recovered fumble by the Hornets.

On the next drive by Hawthorne, Williams’ pass was intercepted by Dixie County’s Keaton Brown. The Bears consecutively turned back over the ball, followed by another Hornets turnover. A fumble by Williams within the five yard-line brought the teams into halftime, Hawthorne still leading 7-6.


Neither team brought the ball into the end zone during the third quarter. Tyler Barbato, however, was able to punch in a twenty-three-yard field goal for the Hornets. By the end of the third, Hawthorne led 10-6.

Scores Shifting

Within three minutes of the final quarter, Fitzgerald Warren broke through Hawthorne defense for a seventy-yard touchdown run. “This is a good feeling, I can’t even describe it,” Warren said post-game. The following Hawthorne possessions allowed for another field goal by Barbato, but the Hornets only held a slight lead of 13-12 with five minutes remaining. This lead was not enough, as Sam Cannon ran in an eighty-yard score for the Bears, followed by a two-point conversion. “I was looking for my receiver, number four Brenden Hall,” Cannon said. “He wasn’t there, so I just took it to the house.”

One minute left, Williams threw his second interception of the evening, ending the game for Hawthorne. Kolton Hunt brought down the interception, allowing Dixie County to remain undefeated, beating the Hornets 20-13. “We’re in a good position right now, going undefeated,” Hunt said.


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