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FILE - In this Aug. 29, 2019, file photo, the sun sets behind Citi Field during a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs in New York. Major League Baseball players ignored claims by clubs that they need to take additional pay cuts, instead proposing they receive a far higher percentage of salaries and a commit to a longer schedule as part of a counteroffer to start the coronavirus-delayed season. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens, File)

The first MLB work stoppage in 26 years

As of Wednesday at midnight, there will be no more baseball activities for the foreseeable future. The owners and MLB Players Association did not work out a new collective bargaining agreement, resulting in the first MLB work stoppage since 1994-95. 

What could’ve happened?

Every five years the owners and MLB Players Association must agree to a new collective bargaining agreement for play to continue. There are three possible outcomes that can occur after negotiation. The best outcome is when both sides come to an agreement before the expiration date. If that doesn’t happen the players can refuse to work resulting in a strike or, in this case, the owners refuse to allow work to be done resulting in a lockout.

What happens in a lockout?

During a lockout, players don’t have access to team facilities. This means injured players can’t receive treatment from team trainers and players have to find somewhere else to train in the off-season.

Another stipulation is team personnel cannot speak to media regarding players on a 40-man roster. Additionally, free agents can not sign and no trades will be made. The MLB essentially comes to a halt.

Here’s what Rob Manfred, commissioner of the MLB, had to say about the current lockout.

What is being negotiated?

The negations are primarily centered around finances. The MLBPA is arguing athletes be paid more when they are younger because they’re in their prime. A proposed luxury tax overhaul would allow teams to spend more without the fear of tax penalties.

Here’s what Jeff Passan, ESPN baseball columnist, had to say about the player’s current financial situation.

How long could this last?

There is no timeline for when the lockout will end. The owners hope the lockout will give the players association a sense of urgency in reaching an agreement.

As time continues, it’s possible the work stoppage could eat into spring training. This could result in fewer spring games which means losing money.

Here’s what Rob Manfred had to say about how eager they are to work out a deal.

The MLB is looking for quick resolution that will allow for opening day to remain set for March 31.

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