Former Gator coach Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen Talks College Football Title Game

Georgia Can’t Change What Makes Them Great

Dan Mullen, former Gators head football coach, spoke on how Georgia’s personality changes when they play Alabama.

“Their success comes from running the ball between the tackles–being a power-running team,” Mullen said. “When they do that, then they get to get their other athletes involved.”

Georgia will be relying on Stetson Bennett to manage the game by distributing the ball and making a run to keep the Bulldogs going.

“When they play championship games, they get away from that,” Mullen said. “They start thinking, ‘okay we have to score with Alabama,’ and they’re taking shots down the field and they’re turning to a pass-first team.”

How To Stop Alabama

Georgia needs to put pressure up the middle form on Bryce Young and force him out of the pocket.

“When you start pressuring Bryce Young, you’re going to take some chances now because he has the ability to scramble,” Mullen said “Then Georgia is going to have the guys that are going to have the speed to be able to go chase him down.”

Due to injury, Alabama will also be playing the National Championship without John Metchie.

“You’re talking about a 25% of the receiving offense for Alabama this year, and that’s one of [Nick Saban’s] go to weapons,” Mullen said.

Pressure On Kirby Smart

Kirby Smart has built a terrific program, revolving primarily around their defense, and they have another top recruiting class coming in next season.

Dan Mullen, former Gators head football coach, spoke about the Georgia Bulldogs’ possible pressure going into the National Championship game.

“People are going to start looking and saying, ‘if this isn’t the team–this isn’t the opportunity, when is it actually going to happen for you?”

This is the second time Georgia will be playing Alabama this year, and the second time coming into the game as a favorite. Before going into the SEC Championship game, Georgia had a -6.5 odd of winning the game before losing to the Crimson Tide, 41-24.

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