Florida football coach Billy Napier speaks to the crowd during halftime of an NCAA college basketball game between Florida and Alabama, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022, in Gainesville, Fla. (AP Photo/Matt Stamey)

Billy Napier highlights phase one

In Friday’s press conference, head coach Billy Napier explained his phase one of transitioning to Florida football. Moreover, how this vision looks to put the Gators back on the top of college football.

According to Napier, phase one is all about building a strong foundation.

Building a Strong Foundation

In his conference, the former Louisiana-Lafayette head coach defined what foundation looks like within the program at the University of Florida.

The much anticipated transitions began Tuesday. As a teaser, Napier tweeted what the future of Florida Football will look like.

Goals of Phase One

As a result of the fan interest, Napier discussed what phase one looks like. He made it a point to explain the goals; building trust and establishing communication within the program.

With new additions to the staff, coaching and the players, Napier continued to emphasis communication.

Key points he values through this process include:

  • self discipline
  • attention to detail
  • a structure/ routine
  • time management
  • expectations
  • accountability
  • consistency
  • to be fair

In addition to the core values, Napier has created an assessment period with each player to make a more one-on-one approach, he said.

In fact, this assessment will consist of 13 days, Napier said.

Surrounding the Vision

Florida football has high standards, and so does Napier. With this in mind, he is on his way to leading a team that embodies culture and team chemistry.

Another element is shifting away from the 2021 season. For instance, it was clear culture and team bond was lacking. After going 6-7 in the past season, the Gators new coaching staff is creating a strategic plan for the football program while hiring high-quality personnel.

For example, Napier is building a program to surround his vision through his recent hires.

In addition to his values, Napier outlined the development:

  • strength and conditioning
  • performance and sports science
  • nutrition
  • athletic training room
  • academics
  • Gator made initiative

“Vision without an action is a dream,” said Napier.

Furthermore, the Gators continue to build on their foundation in the spring through recruiting and hiring.

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