Wyatt Langford
The Florida Gators Baseball team celebrates with Wyatt Langford (36) during a game against the Georgia State Panthers on Feb. 26, 2022. (Photo by Jordan McKendrick, Floridagators.com)

Gator Baseball starts final week of the regular season against FSU

The Gator Baseball team will meet up with the Seminoles at Condron Family Ballpark on Tuesday for the third time this season as they enter the final week of the regular season. This is a rescheduled game that was originally supposed to take place on March 15. This game will determine who wins this series between these two teams.

This matchup will mark the 66th time that the in-state rivals have met up since the series began in 1958. However, they did not play each other for the annual game in 2020. This was the first time that they did not meet up since the series started.


Matchups this season

In the previous games between these two teams each team won a game. The Gators won the game in Jacksonville 6-2. The Seminoles won their home game 5-0.

In the game that took place at Florida State, the Gators had a chance to win but the Seminoles took the victory. Nick Pogue started for the Gators but he had a hard time getting just one out. Even after switching him out for a couple other teammates, the Gators were still having trouble settling in.

Sterlin Thompson and BT Riopelle have both hit the ball at a high level in a few games across the season. Thompson opened the season with a 13-game hitting streak. He also had two RBIs, one home run and went 2-for-3 against LSU on March 26th. BT Riopelle had a home run and four RBI on two hits on March 2nd against Florida A&M. On February 27th Riopelle also went 3-for-4 against Georgia State.

Florida is ranked 5th in the SEC for ERA, with an average of 4.22. They are also ranked 5th in the SEC for opposing batting averages with an average of .239.

The Seminoles are currently No. 20 in the rankings according to D1Baseball. Florida is not in the Top 25.

Tuesday night’s game begins at 7pm ET. Tune in for coverage.

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