Tom Brady ready to return to Buccaneers

After a whirlwind of an offseason,  Tom Brady finally decided to come back to the Buccaneers. The 44-year-old contemplated retirement but ultimately chose to run it back with the Bucs for at least one more season.

Brady’s thoughts on retirement

Being an NFL quarterback is hard as it is, but doing it at 44-years-old is a completely different challenge. Entering free agency, Brady was unsure of whether or not he’d be back with the Bucs for the next season.

He felt pressure from his family and the organization and decided to retire. However, after only 41 days of retirement, Brady chose to come out of retirement to rejoin the Bucs for next season.

When asked about his retirement, Brady spoke about his love for the game pulling him back to football. He talked about falling in love with the game as a young kid and never losing that passion.

The quarterback does not regret his decision to retire. Brady says that he liked seeing what being retired looked and felt like. He says that now that he’s been retired, the transition when he actually retires should be very smooth.

Big commitment for Brady

Now that Tom Brady is back with the Buccaneers, he says he’s happy to be back. He likes the group of players coming back and is excited to see what this team can accomplish.

After losing in the NFC Divisional round, the Buccaneers have high expectations for this season. Although Brady acknowledges that he likes the talent on the roster, he quickly changes his tune and says “but it doesn’t matter much, we need to go out and do it.”

As the leader of his team, Brady is never one to shy away from hard work.

Preparation changes with age

Brady admits preparing as a 44-year-old is much different than when he was 25. However, he understands that aging is a part of the game.

Brady mentions that there are some benefits that go along with being the oldest quarterback in the league. He describes it as a bit of a give and takes. Saying that he obviously wishes he could do some of the things he could when he was 25 but also has picked up some things in his veteran age.


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