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O’Cyrus Torrence Talks Florida Football

O’Cyrus Torrence, an offensive lineman for the Florida Gators, talked after the rivalry game against University of Georgia. Torrence talks about the the current season, future seasons and injuries. Here is a recap of what he said and what that means for the Gators moving forward.

The Florida-Georgia Game

When asked about the Florida v. Georgia game, Torrence said one of the problems was a lack of communication between the team. He went on to share the other problem was not being able to tell what Georgia will do next.

O’Cyrus Talks the Rest of the Season

After recovering from a recent injury that left Torrence with a MCL injury that happened about mid-season, Torrence made a call of his own to decide when he thought he could get back on the field. Torrence said he felt he “wouldn’t be much help on the field if I tried to play through it and I could possibly hurt it even worse.” Torrence said he decided to sit out so he can heal for the rivalry game against Georgia.

According to Torrence, the physicality of the SEC is more challenging for him than before. “Its fun, it makes the game more tough … you never know what type of players your going to get.”

Torrence said it could still have a “really good season” if the team continues to practice discipline and focus on the small things. He said this will help them be at a “good starting point for the next season.”

Florida Gator Legacy

The University of Florida football team has earned three national titles, eight conference titles and 15 division titles. Torrence talked about how important it is to win championships and bowl games in the future to continue the accomplishments met in the past.

Torrence explained, when you go to a school like the University of Florida people will assume the Gators will win titles, that’s why it’s important for the Gators to continue performing at the top of their game.

“It is critical to get at least two wins so we can be bowl eligible,” he said.

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