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Scott Stricklin Talks Stadium Renovations

On Monday afternoon, UF Athletic Director Scott Stricklin went on SportScene with Steve Russell to discuss the current status of the renovation plans for The Swamp. He emphasized the importance of listening to UF fans and exploring every option before nailing down specifics.

Where They’re At

Stricklin expressed that this renovation plan is by no means a brand new idea. They have been batting ideas around for a few years now, but now, they are selecting an architect.

However, Stricklin emphasized that they have not come to a solid conclusion on every aspect of the process.

There are still plenty of decisions to be made, and that is one of the reasons Stricklin went on SportScene.

During the show, Gators fans could call in and offer their two cents about the project. Some people were worried about the prospect of less seats, others discussed ADA accessibility. Stricklin wants to hear every angle fans have to offer.

Main Considerations

Although Stricklin held that nothing is set in stone, he did discuss some main considerations for the project.

First and foremost, is moving the Swamp an option?

“There’s nothing off the drawing board. I will say that our focus is on the current location, but to do due diligence, I think you have to look at all options.”

However, after Stricklin left the door open for a relocation, he did say there are plenty of factors that make them want to keep the original facilities.

Along with the location, people are concerned that heavy renovations could make the stadium feel like less of a college gameday environment.

Less seating, newer facilities and concessions changes could lead to a change in the gameday dynamic. Stricklin remains confident that this will not be the case.

Although the current plans are subject to change, Stricklin wants to retain the characteristic parts of the stadium to keep the same feel.

The student section, marching band and proximity of the seats to the field, Stricklin said, are those characteristic aspects.

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