Georgia's quarterback Aaron Murray

ESPN College Football Anaylist, Aaron Murray, Discusses the Upcoming College Football Season

Aaron Murray, current ESPN college football analyst and former Georgia Bulldog QB, discussed some of his thoughts regarding the upcoming college football season. Murray previously played for Georgia at the quarterback position where he set the SEC record for passing touchdowns. His experience at the collegiate and professional levels offers a unique perspective on the season’s kickoff. With the first NCAA football matchups less than three weeks away, fans are yearning for what the season will look like.

Exciting Changes

In 2022, the Pac-12 made a decision to eliminate divisions in its football conference. Murray believes that these changes will inspire excitement for college football players and fans. This change ensures that the two top teams in the conference are determined by winning percentages. Murray believes that this will make football schedules more exciting. In past seasons, football schedules would have 1-3 standout games that garnered much attention. Due to this modification, Murray feels that exciting games are being doubled and tripled.

From Floridian to Floridian

Murray is no stranger to Florida. Murray was born and raised in Tampa, Fla. Growing up he attended several Gator football games. Therefore, he has seen several Florida coaches over the years and is very keen on the potential of Head Coach Billy Nappier. Murray is explicit about how difficult the head coaching position is. Head coaches have to attend donor dinners, recruit, and make sure they have a game plan marked up for game day. Aaron maintains that Coach Nappier is taking care of his duties by creating an unstoppable force out of Florida. Nonetheless, Aaron is candid about how competitors like LSU and FSU, which Florida will see towards the end of the season, may prove to be difficult teams to close out the season with.


The Best is The West

Murray was honest when contending that there is more excitement on the West side of the SEC. He is particularly fixated on the power of Texas A&M’s football team. Murray said that “…they beat Alabama two years ago and… they beat the brakes off of LSU…” Although Murray believes that they need to evolve on offense, he is confident in their roster and their chances of having a stellar year. Murray also commented on Georgia. While some may think they have a relaxed schedule, Murray does not think that is the case. Regardless of the schedule, he believes Georgia has a superior coaching staff and roster. So, there is no reason they should not be in the playoffs. All in all, while Aaron may believe the West is the best, he is still looking out for what is cooking in the East.

With college football season right around the corner, as a former quarterback, Murray wants all QBs and players to know that “It’s not always about how hard you throw or how good your footwork is or how fast you are. It’s about can you handle the spotlight.” That spotlight will shine at the official start of college football season on August 26th, 2023.

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