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Former Gator Baseball Player Brandon McArthur Excels as an Angels Scout

Former University of Florida baseball player Brandon McArthur continues to do what he loves best. From making plays on the field, to calling the shots as a professional scout, McArthur’s passion for the game of baseball is hard to miss. He graduated from the University of Florida in 2009, and by 2010 he became a part of the Los Angeles Angels organization. When McArthur was asked how he got into the scouting business, he claims there was some luck involved. “I got really lucky. I interviewed with a handful of teams and was blessed to become apart of the Angel’s organization in 2010. Interview and everything went well, and I was off and running,” he said. McArthur’s first spring season was in Georgia and the Carolina’s in 2011. After that it was off to Florida. McArthur grew up and played baseball in Florida, so he was able to get back home while covering central and northern Florida for the Angels. McArthur says it’s not so easy making it to the big leagues. “It’s not an easy road to the big leagues by any means. Even if a guy can hit that ball out, and throw 95 miles an hour, does he have the makeup to make it to the big leagues?” When it comes to scouting, McArthur says it doesn’t just come down to talent. He says you have to dig deeper into the player off the field to get a feel for the type of team player he may or may not be. “You have to do a little more investigating into the kid off the field. Sit down and talk to him, find out who he is. Is he going to be a guy that’s liked in the clubhouse? Is he going to be a hard worker or is he going to fold when he’s faced with adversity? I

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think that’s a very important part of things.” When asked if the coaches are honest with him about the players overall performance, McArthur says he’s lucky to have connections with the majority of the coaches. “Yeah most coaches are. Like I said, luckily I got to come back down to my home state. I’m very lucky to know the majority of the coaches in the area that I cover, and I’ve known them for a long time.” McArthur continues his career as a scout for the Angel’s organization, and he never seems to forget just how “lucky” he is. For audio, click below: brandon mcarthur1 brandon mcarthur6 brandon mcarthur8 brandon mcarthur10    

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