NFL Owners Agree To Rule Changes

NFL owners agreed to several new rule proposals on Wednesday at the owners meeting in Palm Beach, Florida.

All turnovers will now be reviewed with no need for coaches’ challenges, and regular season overtime rules will now be the same as the playoff overtime rules which were established two seasons ago.

Overtime in the regular season will now only end on the first possession if the offense scores a touchdown or if the defense forces a safety.  If the team who gets the ball first scores a field goal on their first drive, the opposing team gets an opportunity to score. If the opposing team also kicks a field goal, the overtime continues and would end on the next scoring play.

Other rules were also adopted:  A crackback block will result in a 15 yard penalty as the player receiving the block is now considered a defenseless player, a team will lose a down for illegally kicking a loose ball, and a too many men on the field penalty is now a dead-ball foul.

A few other ideas were discussed at the meetings regarding preseason roster numbers, injured reserve lists, and the trading deadline.  These issues will be readdressed at the league meetings in May.



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