Kaep is Back

Back in August, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started a controversy by not standing up for the National Anthem to promote the inequality and oppression of race. Fast forward to week six of the NFL regular season and you will see him not only on the camera for the National Anthem, but taking all the snaps as starting quarterback.

Kaepernick had a rough season last year as his season ended early due to a severe shoulder injury. November 1st of last year was the last start Kaepernick recorded, but rehab has been in Kaepernick’s favor. Physical condition is something that Chip Kelly states is a major set back for Kaepernick taking the field. Colin’s weight and inability to lift weights after his shoulder injury led to Blaine Gabbert being named starting quarterback heading into the 2016 season. But after perseverance and hard work during rehab, Kaepernick now has a lot of the strength he lost.

Kaep’s Contract

Adjusted contracts have also been in the mix for Kaepernick. He will likely have an adjusted contract by Sunday because of how injury prone he is.  His current contract guarantees $14.5 million base salary even if he were not to pass a physical. Head Coach, Chip Kelly, says that the change of starting quarterbacks “has nothing to do with his contract.” He explained that the whole coaching staff sat down, watched film, and talked about what they were going to do. This was the decision they had to make not because anything Blaine did, but because they needed to change things up with the offense.

2015 Season Was Rough

Last year, Kaepernick recorded 144/244 for 1,615 yards, six TD’s and five INT’s in nine games. Additionally, he had 256 yards on the ground along with a touchdown. With eleven games left this season, Kaepernick will look to try and capitalize on the 2013 season he had and make dramatic statistical changes from last year.

The Opponent

The 49ers will travel to Buffalo to face Rex Ryan and a hot Bills team. Although Kaepernick may be the spotlight before the game while he kneels to promote equality of race, he will have the spotlight throughout the game as well. This will be an experiment as to if Kaepernick’s offseason and six weeks of rehab will carry over to the real test.

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