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Santa Fe Men’s Hoops Opens Season Tonight

The Santa Fe men’s basketball team is ready to open their season tonight against Impact Academy. In his 15th season, head coach Chris Mowry says he’s excited and his team is well prepared. Tip-off is set for 7 p.m.

Santa Fe Offense

The Saints return with eight starters this season. Those returning include D-Juan Taylor-Hodge, Darrell Jones, and Jake Dawkins. Guard Taylor-Hodge averaged 11.7 points and six rebounds per game last year.

Jones, a forward, averaged 10 points and 5 rebounds, while guard Dawkins averaged 9.1 points and 4.4 rebounds per game.

In addition, the Saints have six newcomers. This includes wing Malik Morrow, a transfer from Lynn University. Coach Mowry says, “Morrow has a good head on his shoulders with the basketball and is going to be a great addition for us.”

New guard Brady Fernandes from Kissimmee will also be a great addition to the team. Coach Mowry says Fernandes is a great fast-paced shooter. 6’5” guard Alsean Evans is another newcomer the Saints are excited to receive. Coach Mowry says Evans is really good at getting to the basket and distributing the ball to his teammates. Coach Mowry notes that Evans will also be useful defending at the other end of the court.

All in all, coach Mowry says the team will have to take on a faster pace than last year due to their new size.

Santa Fe Defense

Offensively, the team is ready to go. However, defensively, it may be a different story. Coach Mowry says tonight’s game will determine how much more practice time will go into improving their defensive skills.

Right now, they’re looking to recover the majority of the rebounds and attack the basket as quickly as possible.

A Look Ahead

Coach Mowry doesn’t just feel good about this game, but he also feels extremely hopeful for the team’s future. The Saints added three games with Eastern Florida State to their schedule this season. Last year, EFSC finished second in the country.

Coach Mowry says, he looks forward to play some of the best and has an excited outlook for the end of the season

Up Next

The Saints have more home games this weekend and next week. Santa Fe will host ASA College from Miami this Saturday at 4 p.m. Then next Tuesday, they’ll host Hillsborough Community College at 7:30 p.m.

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