Apr 27, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during the first round the 2017 NFL Draft at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL teams preparing for a new kind of draft

NFL teams everywhere are gearing up for the draft, beginning April 23. They will have a new challenge of preparing for a draft that will be all online

Challenges of an online draft

There can be several challenges for the NFL in this upcoming draft. Probably the toughest one is getting everyone in the league on the same conference call with reliable internet. The owners, general managers, coaches, and other team employees with the need to have constant communication with each other. They will also need to have communication with the rest of the league in case of trades.

ESPN NFL insider Dan Graziano spoke about these challenges

Another challenge for the draft is cybersecurity. The last thing the league wants is someone hacking into the meeting where the draft is being held. The NFL will need to make sure their draft is secure, and have a plan in place to shut down potential hackers.

Graziano also talked about how the NFL can handle certain problems that may arise during the draft.

Future NFL players will still be a part of the draft

One of the main staples of the NFL draft is the green room. The players walking across the stage to meet Commissioner Roger Goodell really make the draft a made-for-TV event. However, this year, the players will participate in a different way. 58 players will be in a virtual green room waiting for their name to be called.

Looking ahead to the draft

The 2020 NFL draft should be interesting for a variety of reasons. With everything going on outside of the draft, it’s easy to forget about how the intrigue in the actual draft. It seems pretty obvious at the top with the Bengals likely taking Joe Burrow.

However, there is the potential for so much movement throughout the top ten. Teams may be looking to trade up for a quarterback. The Lions and the Giants could be potential trade partners for teams trying to get into the top five. Overall, it should be a great draft, and a time where sports fans can sort of feel normal again.


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