The World Series is not over

The Houston Astros beat the Atlanta Braves 9-5 in Game five of the 2021 MLB World Series. The Braves lead the series 3-2.

Houston wakes up:

For the first four games of the series, the Astros offensive has been suffocated by great pitching. The Astros only scored 2 runs or less in each of their 3 losses in the series. Without their offense firing the Houston, team is a shell of what they are capable of.

The key to their offensive starts with their franchise shortstop and second basemen. Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa have been the infield for the Astros for the past 6-years and they are the spark plugs. Controversy aside, the two of them lead this offensive juggernaut to dominate the competition.

Correa hit a big one-run double in the top of the third to change the momentum of the game. He also made a twirl with the glove in the game to save a single to open the second inning.

With the Astros coming back to Houston they look to turn their offense up. Correa, Altuve, Brantley, Alvarez, Gurriel, and Tucker look to show the braves that the series is not over and show them that they need to beat them one more time.

Dusty Baker had this to say after the big win Sunday night.

Can Fried and the Atlanta Pitching bounce back:

The Braves are still ahead in this series and this has been on the backs of great starting pitching and the bullpen dazzling.

Max Fried looks to have a dominant performance in the world series. Fried struggled in his first start against the Astros but it was not because he was hit hard. The Astros were able to take the small ball approach to the game and were able to get on base, steal bags, and then score on scrappy hits.

Fried has shined in the playoff. He had six dominant innings against the Brewers fanning nine and having no earned runs. He was also able to beat the Dodgers in game one of the NLCS going another six strong giving up two runs. If Fried can repeat this success Atlanta will be raising the World Series trophy.


From one lefty starter to the two important lefties in the bullpen. AJ Minter and Tyler Matzek have been the driving force to this Atlanta Bullpen. With these two power throwers on the Braves are sure to set themselves up for a win.

This rest day could be the difference for the Atlanta Pitching.

Game 6: Starts at 8 pm in Houston

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