World Series

Boston Red Sox Advance to Divisional Series

The Boston Red Sox defeat rival New York Yankees to advance to play the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League Divisional Series. A winner-take-all in the AL Wild Card Game, the Sox beat the Yankees, 6-2, at home. Entering the game, both teams finished the regular season with identical …

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FEATURE: The boom of sports betting

Ah, sports. The intensity. The pageantry. The emotion.  The money. Yes, the sports industry is first and foremost a business. Common fans forget this simple fact when their favorite player is traded, or their favorite team relocates cities. At the end of the day, sports are a business. While the …

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Strasburg Hopeful For Healthy Season

Stephen Strasburg has only pitched five innings since winning the 2019 World Series MVP. After undergoing surgery to repair carpal tunnel syndrome in his right wrist, the Washington Nationals star pitcher is ready for 2021. Strasburg regrets participating in Summer Camp Due to COVID-19, MLB players were unaware of when …

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