CFP Board to continue expansion Talks

College football fans have been overwhelmed with excitement as talks have sparked a push for a 12-team CFP (college football playoffs) format.

Looking to move on from the four-team playoff method, the addition of eight teams will allow for more competition and an atmosphere similar to the NCAA basketball tournament.

Beginning in June as a proposal, the idea has grown tremendously becoming less of a debate and more realistic.

Unfortunately, the board has been unsuccessful in agreeing to terms pushing the idea back for further discussion.

Failing to reach an agreement, the CFP board left yesterday’s meeting with a sense of indecisiveness and doubt.

If a consensus is not met by their next meeting in January, College football will be forced to keep the format at four teams.

Their current contract runs through the 2025 season, meaning their decision has to be urgent.

Biggest Concern of CFP Expansions

One of the most influential factors halting the expansion is the qualifiers model.

How will the college football playoff board identify which 12 teams make the playoffs?

One solution to the problem has been implementing automatic qualifiers.

The idea awards the champion of each power 5 conference an automatic bid in the college playoffs.

Previously a great idea, this model presents conflicting problems with college football AP rankings.

For example, N0. 17 Pitt and N0. 18 Wake will play for the ACC title this weekend.

In the new college football playoff format, one of these teams possibly wouldn’t make the playoffs.

After the loss, either team may still be ranked higher than another team that has won their conference title and therefore has been awarded a bid in the CFP.

Would it be ideal to include a team with a lower AP ranking in the playoffs over a team ranked higher than them?

Probably not and it’ll make for a less exciting playoff experience with the better team eliminated from playoff contention.

What will be the outcome?

Presenting excitement and countless new possibilities, the urge to expand the CFB playoffs seems inevitable.

CFB staff members around the nation are in favor of the expansion and are on board.

A 12-team playoff format has coaches licking their chops at the possibility of finally reaching the playoffs.

Will the expansion occur? Absolutely.

The only question here is when will it happen.

If the board doesn’t come to a consensus by the end of this year’s CFB season, don’t expect the idea to completely disappear.

There will be an expansion, but how and when will it happen?

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