Late Comeback in Overtime Help Blue Wave Defeat Vanguard

The P.K. Yonge Blue Wave took on the Vanguard Knights Tuesday night. The score was never more than two runs apart, making for quite a game. The Blue Wave produced a valiant comeback to win 3-2 in overtime against the Knights.

Pitching Showdown

Since coming off consecutive wins, the Blue Wave played with a good degree of chemistry and confidence. To start, Blue Wave junior Mack Todd pitched a competitive first few innings. The Knights worked for every base with many of their hits resulting in a quick ground out at first base. Nearly every at-bat in the first half for Vanguard saw a full count on the scoreboard, exerting defensive pressure from the very beginning.

This pitching leadership was not one-sided, however. Knights pitcher Luke Oxendine displayed some moxie of his own. The bottom of the first inning saw three consecutive ground outs off of his pitching. Additionally, he had three catches leading to outs, one of them snapping right into his glove in an impressive catch.

The pitchers acted as anchors for two stellar defenses. Neither team let much get by them, resulting in a 1-1 score by the second inning. The score remained at a tie until the sixth inning.

Rising Sixth Inning

The Knights had a slight edge over their competitors, but only by a handful of hits. It wasn’t until the sixth inning where they finally chipped down the 1-1 stalemate. A pair of singles by sophomores Jake Wells and Clayton Antonucci put Vanguard in a great position to break away. The duo stole a base each just a pitch later, setting them up at the second and third bases. A single base hit sacrificed an out to get Wells home and take the lead. Then, a P.K. Yonge defensive error gave Antonucci the opportunity to score. The Knights were starting to take control, and the Blue Wave needed to think fast.

Clutch Comeback for Blue Wave

Down a run in the seventh inning, the Blue Wave desperately needed to get on base. Junior Luke Sparkman did just that, starting an offensive drive for them with a single. Their offense fought hard, getting at least five pitches each before an out and a strikeout. With a full count on the scoreboard and two outs, sophomore Micah Gratto got a hit to send his teammate to home plate. In what was thought to be the last bat of the game, the Blue Wave tied the game, and the teams were sent into extra innings.

The Blue Wave defense played perfectly. The pitching moxie from earlier in the match returned, getting two consecutive strikeouts. A groundout cemented a scoreless top of the eighth inning. Their momentum continued to carry over into the offense. An outfielder error from the Knights got a batter on second. Finally, a ball was sent perfectly inside the right foul line, sending another runner home, and resulting in a walk-off win.

Blue Wave Win Streak

Tuesday’s game showed just how well the Blue Wave work under pressure. With the win, they find themselves on a three-game win streak. P.K. Yonge sits at 7-4 on the season, and they’ll look to take on Oak Hall Friday afternoon.

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