Caglianone stands looking at Condron Family Ballpark. Photo from @jac_caglianone on Twitter.

Caglianone’s 27 Homerun Season

A .351 batting average, an on-base percentage of .401 and 27 homeruns. Jac Caglianone’s season is historic as he breaks records and becomes Gator baseball’s poster boy.

On Monday, Cagalianone was listed by the College Baseball Foundation as one of 12 semifinalists for the John Olerud Two-Way Player of the Year Award. He was the only SEC player to make the cut. The five finalists for the award will be named on May 30.

The Gators only have one series left in the regular season against Kentucky. Afterwards, the team and the fans have the SEC tournament and the postseason to look forward to.

Caglianone said that the game has changed in the past few months as teams have started to pitch to him differently. Knowing his slugging prowess opposing teams have not been throwing many fast balls. Caglianone is usually the catalyst for the Gators with his batting and teams have been trying to keep him contained.

Caglianone Breaks the Record

Homerun number 27. A moment Gator fans and Caglianone are not soon to forget and neither will that Aggies pitcher. He laughed and said the moment he made contact, he knew the ball was gone. Caglianone also said the season isn’t over yet, so hopefully he can add a few more tallies to that homerun count.

He is also focusing on the present and not worrying about expectations or the future. The same mindset that has gotten him this far. He also said he is starting to lock in on the mound and be adaptable to the game conditions.

He says he relishes that moment of walking up to the plate. Cagalianone says there is nothing like Gator Nation. He said wished he could’ve hit that record-breaking homer at home in front of the fans. However at an away game, his record-breaking homerun erupted the stands in Texas as if he was back in Gainesville.

Caglianone said his biggest improvement this season has been keeping it simple at the plate. He says he’s not overthinking it and focusing on just getting the ball up with a good swing.


The goal for every division one baseball program is the College World Series. Since opening day that has been the goal for the Gators reiterating it every week.

Caglianone says with so much talent and depth one through nine, in the bullpen and coaching staff the Gators feel good about the postseason.

Caglianone said he came to Florida with the intention of becoming a better player and has done just that.

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