Florida Women’s Soccer Aims for Home Win vs. Auburn

Florida women’s soccer aims to improve even further from last season with a home win against Auburn. Coach Samantha Bohon broke down these improvements with Steve Russell yesterday.

When asked about what made this year’s team significantly improve over last year’s, Bohon went into detail about how both measurable and immeasurable growth were both key to the success this team is currently having. Team culture has been a large part of this team’s success as well, and Bohon went into how this team has continued to build on last year’s hard work ethic.


Offense was also a subject of discussion for Bohon, who lamented on how her 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-4-1 formations are where the majority of her team’s offensive success has been this season. Bohon stumbled momentarily when asked about in-conference play, opting to describe more of a “counter-attack” style of play when asked about strategy when playing inside of the SEC. Judging by her response, offensive play against SEC teams seem to be a work in progress from this steadily improving women’s squad.

Another big reason for this team’s success has been its defensive play. Bohon went into detail about how this team has wanted to play “hard to beat” and how having this slogan in their team culture has gone a long way towards fostering a winning culture inside of this squad.

Around the League

Currently, the NIL era has brought to light many different changes in each sport that engages in collegiate play.

Bohon went into detail about the shifting in talent from team to team. Recruiting seems to have been made easier due to the higher concentration of talent in this era.

In conclusion, the 6-5-4 Auburn squad that this Florida women’s soccer team is facing should put up a good fight Thursday at 6 p.m. for the third-to-last game of the regular season.

The Gators will then play Vanderbilt in Nashville and then close out the regular season at home against South Carolina.

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