High School Girls Trenton Tigers play Wildwood Wildcats

The Trenton Tigers will be traveling to play the Wildwood Wildcats on February 14th. This playoff game is part of the 2017 FHSAA Girls Basketball State Championship – Class 1A, region 4. The Tigers are 25-3 and the Wildcats are 21-6.

The Tigers are a very young team, when compared to the Wildcat but they have a unique play style. Starting for the Tigers is mostly sophomores, 1 junior and 1 senior, compared to Wildwood who has 5 starting seniors. Tigers head coach, Bryant Frye says his teams style is to be very quick and force opposing teams to make mistakes, so they can capitalize on them. Coach Frye learned this press and run style from when he played ball and it seems to be a successful style for his team now.

Looking Forward:

With tomorrow nights game in sight, the Tigers lack in size but plan to make up for it in speed. The Tigers have played the Wildcats in the past so they have an idea of what to expect tomorrow.  Coach Frye understands that Wildwood has an athletic team with girls who have more height on them, so to be compete with their size they are going to try and make them run a little bit more. Defensively, Coach Frye wants to focus on picking up their speed, stopping certain players and cause turnovers, that is what will help them will the game tomorrow night.

Coach Frye says that after not winning it all last year, it has kept his team hungry to compete and has carried over as inspiration to win this year. Tip off is set for 7pm tomorrow. The address for that game is 700 Huey Street Wildwood, FL 34785.

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