Sage’s Story: How One Answer Turned into a Friendship

Gainesville, FL, home of the University of Florida and sometimes referred to as Gator Nation. Between football, basketball, baseball, softball and several other top-ranked sports programs, the city of Gainesville is no stranger to playing host to thousands of fans for these events.

But this story centers on the 2017 National Champion Florida Gators baseball team and one of their biggest fans.

Meet 11-year-old Sage Pridemore. He may look like any other young boy cheering on his hometown team. Truth is, he suffers from a serious heart condition known as Hydroplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

This condition means he only has half a heart. Even after three surgeries (1 w/o, 3 m/o, and 3 y/o), he will eventually need a heart transplant.

HLHS may be a serious condition, but that hasn’t stopped Sage from growing up like any other kid. When he’s not out shooting hoops or playing baseball, he is involved in Dance Marathon. For the last nine years, he has been a Children’s Miracle Network Ambassador helping raise money for children just like himself.

Earlier this year, at a DM event, he was asked if he could meet anyone who would it be?

Sage’s answer would lead him to meet one of his favorite Florida baseball players and from there, an unlikely friendship formed.


Jordyn Reed is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, an organization that was paired with Sage for Dance Marathon this year. Reed is not affiliated with Dance Marathon through Kappa Alpha Theta.

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