Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach, Doug Marrone, addressing the Media after Day 3 of Training Camp.

Where do the Jaguars go from here?

In the wake of Dante Fowler’s trade to Los Angeles at the trade deadline and the team currently in a slump, where does Jacksonville go from here?

Losing Streak

After winning their first two games of the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars have now lost four straight games by a margin of 17 points. They now have a record of 3-5. The season is not turning out to be the season the team and fans expected after making it to the AFC championship last season.

The team looks to regroup and get their mojo back during the bye week.


Doug Marrone puts blame on himself

Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone says the team has a lot to work on in many different areas, and it starts with him. Marrone said he has to do a better job as his message is not getting across to the team. He takes full responsibility for the way the Jaguars have been playing on the field and incidents that have happened off of the field.

When asked about the London incident, he said they are working on it, and he wasn’t going to go into specific details about it. They are still gathering information.

Marrone said,  “Before we start going on the field and performing better, we have to take a good look at what happening off the field.”

Bortles optimism

Bortles said its frustrating to go through a week of preparation of good practices and not being able to execute those things in the game. He expressed how he is not mad at anyone or himself. He said he gets frustrated with everybody, himself included, when they don’t do the things he knows the team can do.

Bortles said the Jaguars need to continue to find a way to be themselves.

“I don’t think anyone needs to be superman or anything special. We just have to do what we are all capable of,” Bortles said.

What’s next

The Jags now are using this bye week to recuperate.

The Jags next game is against the Indianapolis Colts on November 11.




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