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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) scrambles away form Indianapolis Colts defensive end Denico Autry (95) in the first half of an NFL preseason football game in Indianapolis, Monday, Aug. 20, 2018. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Lamar Jackson Making Impact on Ravens

Last Spring, NFL scouts and experts debated what Lamar Jackson would be at the professional level. He was an electrifying college player that made plays through the air and with his feet. Some saw Jackson as a wide receiver, or an offensive weapon, and maybe even his college position of quarterback.

The Ravens took a chance on him late in the first round knowing he would have time to gain experience under veteran Joe Flacco. Now in his rookie year, Jackson has put the Ravens in the mix for a playoff spot since Flacco went down with an injury.

QB Controversy

The Ravens were 4-5 when Jackson took over as the starting quarterback. Jackson is 3-0 and now the Ravens find themselves in playoff contention riding the hot hand of a young QB. With veteran QB Flacco nearing his return it seems as though Baltimore will have a quarterback controversy. Maybe to everybody but John Harbaugh and the Ravens.

“Our guys want to win. Whatever way we go it is to make our team better the strongest it can be. Maybe we play all three, maybe we only play one. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Harbaugh said.

The locker room certainly seems to be behind Jackson.

What Jackson Has Done

It isn’t the fact that Jackson is 3-0, he revitalized the Ravens. He has provided a spark that has resonated with the team and revitalized their playoff hopes. What Jackson is doing may not be conventional. It may be comparable to Tim Tebow’s run with Broncos in 2011.

On this 3-0 run, the Ravens haven’t been electrifying. Their downfield passing game isn’t turning heads. Jackson has completed just one pass of 25 or more yards. But the Raven’s youngster knows it is all about the results.

“Our job is to point points on the board and keep the ball as long as possible,” said Jackson.

And they are. The Jackson led offense isn’t just winning, they’re playing better than they did with Flacco.

This Week

On Sunday, the Ravens head to Kansas City for one of their toughest tests this year.  Baltimore is hiding the eave of confidence that Jackson has provided them. Flacco has returned to practice but has been limited. They have yet to name a starter for this week’s game but it looks like Jackson will get his fourth start of the year. And he absolutely should be the Ravens guy as they make their playoff push.

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