Crews break down the court after the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Denver Nuggets in an NBA basketball game on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at American Airlines Center in Dallas. The NBA has suspended its season “until further notice" after a Utah Jazz player tested positive Wednesday for the coronavirus, a move that came only hours after the majority of the league's owners were leaning toward playing games without fans in arenas. The vast majority of people recover from the new coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization, most people recover in about two to six weeks, depending on the severity of the illness. (Ashley Landis /The Dallas Morning News via AP)

Update on the NBA season

The NBA season will begin in Orlando on July 31. Fans everywhere are very exciting for the league’s return. However, some players are having mixed feelings.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said the players are divided into three groups on this issue.

Other players like Austin Rivers think coming back would actually help things. Several players think having a platform to create change during the season is more important than skipping the season all together.

NBA players concerned about the bubble

Players are also worried about the effectiveness of the “bubble” in Orlando. Danny Green gave his opinion recently.

There is a group of NBA players that are thinking about sitting out over these concerns.

Windhorst gave voice to Green’s concerns. He mentioned he isn’t sure what the league will do if there’s a positive test.

Season will still resume despite concerns

Including Windhorst, there have been multiple reports that say basketball in Orlando will still happen. Windhorst talked about the incentives for the players.

What the schedule looks like

It all begins in six days with players reporting back to their home market. From there, teams will have a chance to add more players on June 22. It could feel a little bit like a mini free agency period.  Next, training camps begin on June 30.

Finally, on July 7, the 22 teams participating will all fly to Orlando.  The season will start on July 31. Each of the 22 teams will play eight games, and that will determine playoff seeding.

There’s also a window for a play in tournament if needed.

The first round of the playoffs will begin on August 17, the NBA Finals will start on September 30, and if necessary, Game 7 of the finals will be October 13.

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