Oak Hall takes home the win against Eastside late in the game

The Oak Hall Eagles defeated the Eastside Rams in a rematch game Friday afternoon.

The final score was 3-1.

The game was paused in the first inning due to lightning.

1st Inning

No. 6 Yawuum Acaad pops out in foul territory to left fielder No. 3 Neil Ruth.

No. 31 Nick Eichel walks.

No. 22 Miles Archer bunts and reaches on an error by No. 11 Andrew Pickens.

Eichel advances to 3rd.

No. 12 Maui Schwartz hits a ground ball and reaches on an error by shortstop No. 17 Harrison Beach.

Eichel scores.

Score, 1 to nothing. Rams leading.

Both the Eagles and Rams struggled to get on the board until the fifth inning.

5th Inning Summary

No. 10 Curtis Degner scores by Pickens out on a sacrifice fly to left fielder No. 3 Dahntrell Dexter.

Harrison Beach doubles on a line drive to center fielder No. 16 Ethan Grand.

No. 5 Emory Ezzell scores.

No. 12 Jackson Beach scores.

Score, 3-1. Eagles leading.


Pickens lasted six innings pitching, allowing three hits, one run and striking out eight.

Harrison Beach, Ruth, Degner and Pickens all managed one hit.

What’s Next

The Oak Hall Eagles will face the Trenton Tigers at Trenton High School this Monday, April 19, at 6 p.m.

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