TopGolf Live at the Swamp

TopGolf Live had its preview event in the Swamp on Wednesday. Many media members and Gator coaches came out to test out the venue. The actual event begins Thursday April 22 and goes until Sunday April 25.

What it’s like inside

If you’re on the fence on whether you should go, here’s all the information possible so you know what you’re getting into.

There are about 20 bay locations on Touchdown Terrace in the north end zone. Each bay can hold six people. If you have under six people in your group, then you’ll probably share a bay with another group.

There’s food and drinks available inside Touchdown Terrace, along with several tables to sit at, and of course a golf simulator.

How the game works

If you’re familiar with regular TopGolf, then this will be a little bit different. The idea is still to hit the targets with each shot. The twist is when you hit the shot you’ll see on the TV behind you the targets are spinning wheels and wherever your ball lands is how many points you get.

The points range from 10-150. So, the idea is to hit your shot perfectly to a target and then have it timed perfectly where you get the most amount of points as the target spins on the screen.

Also, another difference from regular TopGolf is you get five shots in TopGolf Live. The points are scored higher than the regular game so this is opportunity to play fast-paced high-scoring games in the hour allotted.

Another really cool thing about this event is if you play really well, and score high in a round, your name could be on the stadium scoreboard for everyone to see.

How to get tickets to TopGolf Live

There are still plenty of tickets available all through this weekend. TopGolf Live takes the TopGolf experience all across the country to some of the best stadiums. They’ve already been to places like McLane Stadium in Baylor, and Williams Brice Stadium in South Carolina.

They’re next stop will be at Gaylord Family-Memorial Stadium at the University of Oklahoma, but if you miss out on this weekend, they will be back in Florida June 3-6 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

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