Dan Mullen during a press conference on February 16. (Courtesy of Florida Media Portal/Gator Vision)

Coach Mullen Discusses QB Room and Alabama This Weekend

The Florida Gators are gearing up for their first conference game of the season this weekend when they play the Alabama Crimson Tide. In a recent press conference, head coach Dan Mullen discussed the team’s focus and determination that must be kept up during practice this week.

Coach Mullen talked a little bit about the game this past weekend against South Florida. He highlighted that 17 of USF’s points came on drives that started on the plus side of the field, two as a result of offense and one as a result of special teams.  Mullen said that they were a lot of opportunities for them to play better as a team all around.

“We left a lot on the field. The defense needed to go stop them, but the special team’s offense put our defense in a bad position. There are a lot of little things that we need to focus on to play high-level football, not just count on making big plays.”

Getting ready for Alabama, Coach Mullen mentioned the SEC league creates more excitement for the fanbase and how the expansion with Texas and Oklahoma could be beneficial for this.

Coach Mullen cleared up the rumors with Anthony Richardson’s injury on Saturday.

“I saw him today watching film. He has some tightness in his hamstrings, so he will do treatment and we will see how this week is. We expect him to practice so we will see how he deals with it during the week.”

As for the quarterback situation between Emory Jones and Richardson, which has caused Coach Mullen a lot of backlash from fans, he explained the importance of having two QBs in the room that he can use differently when needed.

“It’s all on a very unique basis. Everything goes into consideration when we are making these decisions based on the scenario,” said Coach Mullen. When asked about suggestions from fans on who to play, Mullen said “I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to very many suggestions unless they are from my staff meeting.”

The quarterbacks need to focus on reading the plays, said Mullen. Gaining confidence in themselves will be an asset to how they play, especially this weekend.

Coach Mullen was asked about the Alabama football team and any concerns that he had going into the game this Saturday. “They’ve got talent at every position, they have depth and great recruiting. They have a great scheme and great coaches on both sides of the football. Combining all these things makes them a great team.”

“We had the opportunity to win the SEC Championship but we missed it by 6 points. It wasn’t really the loss to Alabama, but the loss at the championship that got us. It motivates us to get back there and claim the title,” highlighted Mullen after being asked about facing Alabama this weekend.

The Florida Gators’ only focus now is the challenge that lies ahead. The kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. in the Swamp against Alabama Crimson Tide.

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