Eastside Rams dominate the Bronson Eagles in an impressive performance to start off the season

By Madison Broach and Lauren Herinckx

In the last game of the first night of the TipOff Classic, the Eastside Rams took on the Bronson Eagles at Eastside High School. Having the home-court advantage, Rams fans had a great turnout and were eager to watch their boys play in their first preseason game.

First Period

The Rams started out strong in the first period as Shelton Hall made an impressive 3-pointer with barely any pushback from the defense. Queshawn Brittingham came in next delivering 5 points in the next two possessions still not letting the Eagles on the scoreboard. Each player on the Eastside team pulled their weight, bringing in point after point for the home team. Right before the end of the first period, Ben Davis was able to steal the ball from the Eagles’ offense and drive down the court for an impressive layup. The Rams held on to their strong lead finishing the first period with a score of 21-6.

Second Period

The Eastside players showed no sign of getting too comfortable and came off of the sidelines ready to strengthen their lead even more. Brittingham and Comer were two standouts bringing points to the scoreboard with every possession. Bronson had a few good baskets with number 2 as a sure-fire standout, but their offense was no match for the Rams’ defense, as they scored only 9 points the entire period. Eastside was aggressive under the basket, attaining almost every rebound and driving back down the court. Eastside went into halftime with a comfortable lead of 46-15.

Third Period

At the start of the second half, it seemed that Bronson had almost given up and lost their fight. Many fans left at the beginning of halftime and the Eagles played with little urgency, failing to put pressure on the Rams’ offense. Kamariyon Mack showed incredible defensive skills with back-to-back steals. Hall and Mack were two players to watch this period with several layups and swoosh baskets making it look easy. Brittingham got many fans on their feet with his clean 3-pointer right before the end of the third period. The Rams went into the fourth period with just as much energy as they started with and with a 61-22 lead against the Eagles.

Fourth Period

During the fourth period, point guard Bryant Hayes was able to quickly bring the ball back to the Rams’ side allowing possession to remain in their hands for most of the last eight minutes. Each player was attentive on defense and was ready to pick up the rebound anytime the Eagles did not score. Shelton Hall kept up the good work with another 3-pointer furthering the lead. It was no secret that the home team would come out on top, but that did not stop the fans from showing their school spirit or the players from showing their skills. Bronson was able to score more points than they had the other three periods, bringing in 11, but the Rams were still able to out-perform them with 15 points. Eastside High School ended the game leading by 43 points with a score of 76-33.

This was an impressive first game for the team so spirits are sure to be high for their next game this Thursday back on their home court where they will take on Newberry at 8 p.m.

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