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Pac-12 Presents New TV Deal

The Pac-12 conference is on the brink of a game-changing media rights deal. This deal is projected to include a form of streaming service attached to it. It will try and rival the media rights agreements recently signed by the ACC and Big 12 conferences.


One key factor that has contributed to the conference’s success in these negotiations is its patience. The Pac-12’s approach seems to be to secure the most favorable deal that has attracted many interested bidders. Something like that could maximize the agreement’s value and benefits. 

The fate of the Pac-12 conference hinges on the remaining ten presidents and chancellors, who are required to sign the grant of rights to ensure continuity after the impending departure of USC and UCLA to the Big Ten in 2024. As well as Colorado leaving Pac-12, which influences how this deal will turn out. However, the terms of this grant of rights are working out and agreed upon. 

The Impact

The impact of this media rights deal goes beyond the conference’s immediate stability. College athletics leaders across the nation have been closely monitoring the Pac-12’s developments. They are eager to see how this agreement might influence conference realignment.

Which, in contrast to the Big 12’s early negotiations and subsequent agreement with ESPN and Fox, the Pac-12 has remained staying patient in their deal. Although, the conference’s intention is to finalize the media deal first, sign the grant of rights and then consider any further expansion. Again, this approach will make sure that the Pac-12 is in the best position before making any significant moves. 

The Meeting

First, this week the Pac-12 leaders are scheduled to have meetings where Commissioner George Kliavkoff is set to present the long-awaited details of this critical potential media rights deal. The meeting will include presidents, chancellors, and athletic directors, indicating how big this deal is.

The departure of Colorado has reduced the Pac-12 to nine committed members, raising concerns about the conference’s future. The financial implications of the new media rights deal may influence other schools’ decisions about their allegiance to the Pac-12. 

This deal will greatly influence how fans will be able to watch their favorite teams. Finally, the Pac-12 is poised to secure its position as a major player in the ever-evolving world of college sports, and this media rights deal may be the key to its continued success.

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