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Chris McClellan Talks Gators Defensive Line

Florida Gators defensive lineman Chris McClellan addressed the media Monday at Fall camp. The defensive lineman talked about how the team feels more like a brotherhood this year compared to last year. He also shared how the team has improved from last year, and explained what he did during the offseason to improve his skillset.


McClellan agrees with his other teammates who have said that there has been improvement with relationships in the locker room. He says the team feels more connected compared to last year, explaining how there is less of a bridge between one another. This kind of behavior in the locker room can translate to the field if everyone can click on the same page. Hence, more stops on the defensive side of the field, giving the offense more opportunities to score.

Increased Depth for DL room

He continued to talk about how the defensive lineman room has more rotational depth. He says this can help the team perform better because they are able to have a fluid rotation of players who can make an impact. The increased depth in the locker room helps because the players will have more firepower to scheme against opposing teams. This can really make  a difference on the pass rush and run stop because with more depth comes more energy for the defense.


McClellan also talked about his personal improvement and weight loss during the offseason. The defensive lineman explained how he feels faster despite weighing more than he did last year, and stronger now with the few extra pounds. He believes he will be able to have more stamina and more availability on the field. He says he is able to stay consistent now that he feels in better shape, and mentioned how he has gained stability and is prepared for his sophomore season.

Overall, the defensive lineman provided good insight and shared positive information not only for himself, but for his teammates as well. He name dropped plenty of players and gave them respect sharing how the locker room has come together to inspire and motivate each other to be the best versions of themselves. With better team chemistry lookout for Florida football to make a leap of faith this season.

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