Buchholz's Amelia Collins {Amelia Collins}

Amelia Collins: Buchholz Softball’s Secret Weapon

By Hailey Livesay and Raegan Churi

Amelia Collins is a senior captain of the Buchholz Bobcats varsity softball team. Her coaches and teammates attribute her success to her dedication and love of the game, which is palpable when she plays.

Battling through multiple injuries, she has overcome many obstacles throughout her high school softball career and has a compelling story to tell about teamwork, perseverance and genuine fun that have come with her time playing for Buchholz.

A Flame Ignited 

Collins started playing softball during her eighth-grade year and fell in love with it. She stuck with it all four years of high school and has an impressive career to show for it.

Collins didn’t just pick this up randomly, however. She credits her curiosity for the sport to her younger brother, Kevin, whose introduction to baseball acted as the catalyst for her own interest in the game. Collins recalls practicing with him when he was beginning, which is where she learned how to throw and gained her first knowledge of the mechanics of the game.

Her love for her brother was obvious when she described the impact he made.

“I don’t think he really knows it, but he sparked the interest,” Collins said. 

Amelia Collins pictured with her family on her senior night {Amelia Collins}

Obstacles Overcome 

Collins’ softball experience wasn’t without hardship. She suffered a sprained ankle during her sophomore year. After physical therapy, she was quickly back to playing, but unfortunately, she broke her ankle during her junior season. Collins had to once again undergo long physical therapy that prohibited her from summer training. 

With her right ankle in a brace, Collins wasn’t able to drive to team events. Luckily, she had a great support system backing her up. Collins remembers the frequent times her teammates would pick her up to take her to practices or just to hang out so she could still feel like a part of the team. 

Amelia Collins (right) pictured with some of her teammates on senior night {Amelia Collins}

Role Models

When people are asked which athlete they look up to, the typical response would probably be a famous athlete, such as Michael Jordan or Serena Williams. This was not the case with Collins. She said her biggest role models are Buchholz alumnae Kayla Hooper and Lindsey Orton. Hooper and Orton were the team captains during Collins’ junior year and demonstrated qualities Collins admires. 

Collins said Buchholz is full of role models.

“I look up to different things in everybody on the team,” Collins said. She expressed she felt like she never had any challenges associated with the captain title because her teammates “just make it so easy for me by just being amazing how they are.” 

Amelia Collins with her team after a big win {Amelia Collins}

Even if she may not realize it, Collins is a role model to many.

Buchholz assistant coach JC Rosario said Collins volunteers on Sundays to help with elementary and middle school practice.

“Amelia is a great role model for the younger kids to follow,” Rosario said.

Pregame Rituals

One of the ways she prepares for a game is by listening to ABBA and the soundtrack from Mamma Mia. The Buchholz outfielder also said she always sets up the batting cages because it’s a good way to have the time to reset and ready her mindset going into a game.

A Thankful Heart

Collins is full of gratitude for all the people who have been supporting her throughout high school. She appreciates her coaches for their dedication to the success of the team, adding, “Coach Will (Hooper) and coach JC really put in a hundred percent of their effort to make us better and it’s really special.” 

Her teammates are among those closest to her heart, she said. Collins appreciates the team chemistry, comparing them to family.

“The way we get along is the closest thing to a family without actually being family,” Collins said. “We all just love the game and we love each other and it’s just so special because we’re out there to have fun.”

Amelia Collins with her team {Amelia Collins}

A Star Player

Collins’ batting average is .419  and has driven in 26 runs this season for the Bobcats (10-14). On the defensive end, she has a varsity fielding percentage of .977 and has only made one error with 44 chances in the outfield.

She’s a multi-faceted player. Hooper credits the hard work she puts in every day. When Hooper recalled the last couple of seasons, he touched on the challenges Collins has overcome.

“Amelia suffered injuries that cut her season short, but she still showed up to practices/games to support her teammates,” he said.

Amelia Collins at the plate {Amelia Collins}

There’s No I In Team

A common sentiment shared among all who know Collins is her selfless attitude.

“She is a ‘we’ before ‘me’ kind of player,” Hooper said. “She truly cares about all of her teammates and really wants the best for all of them.”

The coaches detailed her leadership skills and care for her teammates.

“She goes above and beyond not only for herself, but also for her teammates as well,” Hooper said of what sets Collins apart. “She comes from a great family who is very supportive and I think she shows some of the same traits toward her teammates.”

Future Plans

Next year, Collins will be headed to the University of North Florida where she’ll study biomedical science with the aspiration of becoming a doctor. 

Collins said she “couldn’t have asked for a better season playing with” her Buchholz teams.

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