Injury Prone Heat Still In Contention in the East

One consistent issue nagging the Miami Heat throughout the NBA season has been  injuries.

Staying healthy has been one of the main reasons the Heat have struggled throughout this season, aside from LeBron James taking his talents back to Ohio. Key players such as Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and Josh McRoberts have had their seasons cut short  because of injuries.

Last night was a perfect illustration of what the Heat have been battling all season. In Miami’s win over the Detroit Pistons, Heat players Hassan Whiteside, Chris Anderson, Luol Deng, and Michael Beasley were all out with injuries.

However, Miami has been known this season for battling through a depleted roster, and last night was no exception. The Heat won last night’s game with just seven players at their disposal, with future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade leading the way with 40 points. Miami’s win over Detroit put the team in a positon to succeed beyond the regular season.

The Heat are currently sitting as the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference, with a 34-39 record. Miami could possibly move up in the Eastern Conference standings, but would need some help. Winning most of their last nine games would certainly be the goal, but it won’t be easy.

Tomorrow Miami is set to take on the San Antonio Spurs at home, but will then need to face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road. When Miami plays Cleveland it will without a doubt a spectacle, not just because LeBron is playing his former team, but because this could be a playoff preview.

Right now, if the season were to end Miami would play the Cavs in the first round. The Heat have defeated the Cavs in both of their match ups this season, but the Cavs have been playing superb basketball lately. Cleveland has won 8 of their last 10 games.

Miami follows it’s match up with Cleveland with a couple of tough, but winnable, games against Chicago and Toronto, two key games in the East.

It would be interesting to finally witness who the Heat will play in the playoffs, if they secure a spot, and see how they play without key players.

To hear Dwyane Wade speak about injuries, click below.

Dwyane Wade


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