Two Undefeated, Ranked Teams Suit Up as Buchholz travels to Vanguard

Could this possibly be the most tantalizing high school football match up this season? Signs point to yes! This week’s talk is all about the Buchholz Bobcats traveling to take on the Vanguard Knights. As both teams run out on Booster Stadium’s field undefeated, the stakes are high for each team fighting to stay ranked. The Bobcats are No.8 in Class 7A and the Knights are No.4 in Class 6A.

Last week, The Bobcats displayed another fourth quarter comeback victory against district rival Oakleaf, 10-7. With a scoreless first half, the Cats mustered up strength after the half to come out on top. Head Coach Mark Whittemore says their brawniness through the end, is what makes him most proud. Oakleaf got on the board first but Buchholz sophomore quarterback Camden Orth connected a long pass to Bryan Jaszczak and positioned kicker Coby Weiss to knock in a field goal. Still behind, Orth knew he had to answer. He hit Torrey Richardson with a pass to win the game, 10-7. Sophomore quarterback Camden Orth finished the game at 9 of 20 passes for 203 yards. Coach Whittemore says he knows it was an ugly win but the win is what matters.

The Bobcats are going to have to clean up their play if they want a chance at defeating this Knights team. Vanguard is a tough team and the Cats will have to slow down their up-tempo play to have a chance at a win. Vanguard’s makeup this season has been blowouts and with a Cat’s strong front four it could prove to be the answer.  Coach Whittemore says he knows his front four are hungry. They will have to put pressure on Vanguard QB N’Kosi Perry who finished 12-of-17 for 187 yards last week against Lakewood. They will also need to keep their eyes on Justin Watkins who tacked on 250 all-purpose yards. Watkins also ran in a 70 yard punt return.

Although Buchholz won last year against Vanguard, this is not the same Knights team. Their offense is powered up and ready to put points on the board to create a deficit too high for the common Cats come-from-behind-win. No matter the outcome, Booster stadium will see two top-notch football teams.

Kickoff set for 7:30.

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