Florida Swim and Dive Prepares for Next Invitational

The Florida Swimming and Diving teams will be heading to Atlanta this weekend for their first invitational in 10 weeks.

This weekend will be one where Head Coach Gregg Troy puts heavy emphasis on his evaluations.

In the latest CSCAA/TYR top-25 swimming and diving poll, the men’s team has dropped one spot to No. 9, while the women jumped up two spots to No. 16.

To wrap up SEC duals for 2016 at Texas A&M, the women weren’t able to take away a win, but the men finished with a victory.

Students First, Athletes Second

So far, this season, team members have been having to put in a lot of dedication and commitment to budgeting their time balancing both academics and sport. Having to miss Thursday and Friday classes for weekend meets, sometimes the teams have been forced to travel with lower numbers to be sure they are where they need to be academically.

Awaiting the O’Connell Center

With the O’Connell Center getting closer and closer to its reopening, the Gators are hoping to be back in the pool even if it’s just on a limited basis.

Head Coach Gregg Troy says practicing in other facilities has had its benefits, but also its restraints and he knows this week will be a great evaluation point.

Freshman Promise

In a press conference earlier today, Coach Troy mentioned five freshman swimmers he was most impressed with: Niki Urquidi(free), Kay Sargent(free/IM), Kelly Fertel(IM), Savanna Faulconer(IM), and Kelsey Dambacher(free).

Urquidi participated in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, finishing 95th in the 400m free prelims.

Sargent owns a state title in the 200 IM. She also qualified for the 2016 U.S Olympic Team Trials in the 200 IM, finishing in 53rd place overall.

Fertel won back-to-back state titles in the 200 IM. She also qualified for the 2016 U.S Olympic Team Trials and finished 57th in the 400 IM prelims and 69th in the 200 IM prelims.

Faulconer qualified for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, where she appeared in the 400 IM prelims and tied for 51st place in the 200 IM prelims.

Dambacher won the 50 free at the 2015 Futures Championships.

Coach says this weekend will be challenging, but a perfect way to set up the rest of the season.

The Georgia Tech Invitational will begin November 17.

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