Scott Stricklin Talks McElwain, New Head Coach Search

A whirlwind of a Sunday ended by hearing from Scott Stricklin, Florida’s athletic director.

The press conference was called as a result of what happened earlier in the day with Stricklin saying the athletic association and Jim McElwain “mutually agreed to part ways.”

Stricklin Speaks

In meeting with the media, Stricklin addressed the reasoning behind the decision.

While never addressing the comments head-on, Stricklin hinted that those comments did play a role in the decision to part ways with McElwain. He also added that both parties have a severance agreement in principle, but it has not been signed yet.

McElwain did not have a chance to speak with his players after the decision was announced, but Stricklin added that “opportunity is still available.”

Moving on to the coaching search part, Stricklin seemed strong and clear: the “search for the next head coach at the University of Florida starts immediately.”

And that’s probably to the benefit of the program that they got a head start on the process. Instead of waiting to the end of the season when other teams are looking for coaches as well, Florida is the only major program so far to have fired their coach, and therefore have a leg up in the search process. While Stricklin said he won’t contact coaches during their regular season out of respect, he can go ahead and start talking to contacts that he mentioned he has at multiple levels: agents, other AD’s, and people in other athletic departments around the country.

What is Stricklin looking for?

And whoever that best person is, would be coming to Gainesville to win. Stricklin cited Tebow’s comments from earlier in the week about how Gators come to Florida to win, not compete.

No matter who ends up being hired, Stricklin is about to embark on a process that may shape more than just the foreseeable future for Florida football.

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