Former Gator coach Dan Mullen

Gator Football Head Coach Dan Mullen Looking Forward to Spring Training

Dan Mullen was all over the place this past Friday during his first practice as the head coach of the Gator football team. But not in a bad way, he was literally all over the place.

Practice Broken Down

Mullen couldn’t help his excitement and was running up and down the field alongside his players throughout practice. The new head coach of the Florida Gators sounded grateful when speaking about his players, adjusting and adapting to the high style of tempo that Mullen has integrated.

Furthermore, Mullen, a former gators Offensive Coordinator and quarterback coach back in 2005-2008, felt like he was reliving his glory days with a couple major differences. One being his job, of course. But he also added the ambience and the crowd involved during the inaugural Spring practice.

Although, the Gator practice facility landscape and environment has changed throughout the years, the nervousness seemed just about there for Dan Mullen. He admitted his nervousness was all there in his inaugural practice. He described the ordeal as a nervous energy without any paranoia. The reason being because of his previous head coaching experience.

He was the Mississippi State head coach for about nine years before acquiring the Florida head coaching position and returning to Gainesville.

Bouncing around from practice unit to practice unit, Mullen was trying to help out and test the waters within each of his team’s category, even with the defense. Helping out the defense was something he could have never done in his previous years as a former Gator quarterbacks coach, and it’s one of the little things he’s greatly looking forward to.

Thanking the Fans

Ultimately, Mullen was impressed with his new team all throughout practice. But he couldn’t walk away without thanking the fans who were there the entire day.

Spring Game:

Mark your calendars! April 14th is right around the corner. It’ll be the first opportunity to catch a glimpse at your new gator football team. The Orange v. Blue game at 3 p.m. will be your preview of the fall.

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