In the spotlight: St. Francis Varsity Basketball Player Miguel Yepez

Miguel Yepez is a junior at the Saint Francis Catholic Academy and he’s part of the varsity basketball team for the Wolves. With an average of 14 points per game and a free throw percentage accuracy of 76%, Miguel has shown nothing but an excellent performance on the court.

On Thursday, we caught up with junior St. Francis varsity basketball player, Miguel Yepez. We discussed balancing his basketball and academics, accomplishments, and future plans.

When we asked him about his greatest accomplishment, he said it was the bond he had with his teammates. “Getting closer to my teammates…we all get together and help each other out off the court,” he said.

He explained that “it’s fun doing homework together because when someone doesn’t know it, we can make fun of them.”

As light-hearted and fun as that answer was, he continued by explaining that when someone is struggling, they help each other out ¾“ that’s what they’re struggling with so we help them talk to teachers and everything.”

“It makes me feel good trying to help my teammates in everything” he added.

Being a student-athlete comes with its ups and downs, one is finding a balance between the two. He told us that the balance wasn’t really a struggle for him, considering how understanding the teachers were.

Upon discussing his plans after graduation, he explained that he lives in the present and isn’t too caught up in his future plans.

“A degree is always nice and everything and basketball is always on my mind. Right now, I just want to live in the present instead of the future.

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