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Five SEC Baseball Teams Advance to NCAA Super Regional

With 16 victorious teams advancing to Super Regionals, eight new hosts are revealed to kick off the much anticipated championship. Out of the 16 teams chosen, five are apart of the SEC.

The Hosts

The hosts are determined by the teams national seed.  A team is ensured a host location if they have a national seed of 1 through 8.

  •  No. 1 UCLA
  •  No. 2 Vanderbilt
  • No. 5 Arkansas
  •  No.6 Mississippi St.
  •  No. 7 Louisville
  •  No. 8 Texas Tech
  •  No. 13 LSU
  • No. 14 North Carolina

The Matchups

The Schedule

The tournament is set to begin Friday, June 7th. The following matchups will begin their series on Friday and will continue through Saturday and maybe Sunday. Coverage times are included:

  • East Carolina vs. Louisville
    • noon Friday, 3pm Saturday, noon Sunday
  • Oklahoma St. vs Texas Tech
    • 3pm Friday, 6pm Saturday, 6pm Sunday
  • Duke vs Vanderbilt
    • 6pm Friday, 9pm Saturday, 3pm Sunday
  • UCLA vs Michigan
    • 9pm Friday, 9pm Saturday, 9pm Sunday

The next four Super Regional Matchups begin Saturday, June 8th, and continue through Sunday and Monday.

  • Ole miss vs. Arkansas
    • noon Saturday, 3pm Sunday, 4pm Monday
  • Florida St. vs LSU
    • 3pm Saturday, 6pm Sunday, 8:30pm Monday
  • Auburn vs. North Carolina
    • noon Saturday, 11:300 am Sunday, 1pm Monday
  • Stanford vs Mississippi St.
    • 3pm Saturday, 9pm Sunday, 7pm Monday

The Next Step

The eight winners from each matchup will be on the road to Omaha starting June 15th. The eight teams will split in half and battle it out double elimination style. The winners from that will go head to head for the national title.

Check out the full bracket below:

Super Regional bracket

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