Are the Houston Rockets Blowing Up?

The tension has been building in Houston this week. Rumors surfaced amidst reports of Chris Paul wanting out and the possibility of adding a third star to the roster. Here’s a recap of all the tension that’s been noticed.

Post Game Press Conference in the 1st Round of the playoffs

Many noted the tension between Chris Paul, James Harden and the Rockets have been building for a while now.

During a post-game interview following their win over the Jazz, reporters asked harden three questions in a row after his 29 and 10 performance. The fourth question was directed to both of Houston stars, after Paul’s solid 14 points and 7 assist outing. Harden answered on both their behalves as Paul looked like an infuriated bystander.

By the time the fifth question was asked upon Utah’s unique focusing in guarding Harden, Paul looked over at the Rocket’s PR chief and then Harden. He then muttered. “I’m out of here” as he walked right off the stage.

This played out as a very humorous moment on social media, but some within the Rockets organization saw it differently. Was this the first sign of tension within the organization?

The Rockets Organization Response

GM of the Rockets, Daryl Morey stated this on Sunday:

“What you have are two highly competitive guys who were very disappointed that we didn’t beat Golden State. You’ve got two high-level competitors who want to figure out how to win at a higher level, as well. Naturally, people who want that so bad, something that’s so tough, it’s going to create sometimes things that need to be discussed. But it’s all, to me, in bounds of any superstars.”

The Rockets Organization claims that the root of the issues between the two superstars is in their difference of playing style and personality.

Rockets CEO Tad Brown released a statement as well:

“There’s been some messiness to our current offseason, but we’re always going to be in a state of somewhat tension, because until we achieve our goals and get where we need to be, we’re going to continue to challenge ourselves to get better. That sometimes creates tension. This is just a way for us to continue to get better.” -Tad Brown

The Rockets are hoping that the tension is just the atypical friction stars experience in frustration of a tough season.

League rumors are stating that the Rockets are looking to add a third superstar to the roster and CP3 will be staying in Houston to ride out what’s left of his $124 million dollar contract.

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