NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks to the media during the NFL football owners meeting on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, in Key Biscayne, Fla. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Commissioner Goodell’s Thoughts on the Season Thus Far

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell gave his explanation and opinions on several topics from the season thus far.

Tanking? Never Heard of Her.

Tanking has been a hot topic in the NFL this season. Teams such as the Miami Dolphins, who traded away a great number of players earlier in the season and the Cincinnati Bengals, who have showed little more than a pulse all season offensively under Andy Dalton, are both winless.

Being without a win this far into the season almost makes getting into the playoffs nearly impossible. Talented quarterbacks, such as Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow, are just waiting to be snatched up early in the draft, so why try? Having a system such as the NBA’s, which employs a lottery for the top pick, would curtail this problem.

However, Goodell does not believe it is a problem.

Goodell went on to explain that he believes that competition in the NFL is the best that it has ever been and he does not see any signs of tanking.

Pass Interference “Challenges”

Another topic that has been weighing heavy on the minds of NFL fans and media personalities is the validity of the pass interference challenge.

As of this season, the NFL made it possible to challenge pass interference calls. This came after outcry from thousands of New Orleans Saints fans who felt that they were robbed of a spot in the Super Bowl based on a missed pass interference call in the NFC Championship Game last year.

The results of this new challenge rule have yielded zero reversals of the penalties on the field. Almost halfway through the season one would hope this trend would not continue.

Commissioner Goodell went on to explain that the challenge was not meant to re-officiate plays, but to fix obvious errors.


Attendance figures for both teams that relocated to Los Angeles, especially the Chargers, have been low.

Commissioner Goodell sees this is a problem not just for these teams on the west coast, but throughout the league.

The teams should have time to find their footing. Chargers had a large presence just south in San Diego and the Rams were in L.A. in the 1980’s but moved when a new stadium was not built.

Both were lured to Hollywood, when a new stadium was approved in 2016.

Goodell feels that both teams will be successful in Los Angeles.

Week 7 in the NFL kicks-off tonight with the Kansas City Chiefs facing the Denver Broncos. Coverage starts at 8 p.m. WRUF.

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