Santa Fe Girl’s Soccer Beats Oak Hall At Home

Santa Fe High School’s girl’s soccer team extends its win streak to three games after an explosive performance at home, beating Oak Hall 4-0.  Rallying behind their star goalie, Na’Tazeigha Jenkins, Santa Fe never lost their momentum from the first half as they were able to keep composure throughout the game.

A Fierce Start

From the start of the game, it was apparent which team was in control.  Georgia Clark led her team to a dominant position against Oak Hall.  Clark drove the ball from the midfield for a shot on goal within the first five minutes of the game.  Soon after, Kire Nystrom would have possession of the ball.  Nystrom would go for another shot on goal, keeping Oak Hall’s goalie on her toes.

Santa Fe was far from being done on offense.  Kire Nystrom would be pitted against Oak Hall’s goalie again for the team’s first goal.  Nystrom’s goal placed Santa Fe in the lead, 1-0, only 13 minutes into the game.

Once Santa Fe was playing on the defense, it would only last for so long.  Erin Coleman was a vital player for Santa Fe, displaying great defense and keeping pressure on the opposing team.  From a small slip up, Coleman would find herself with a yellow card as she accidentally collided with an opposing player.  The yellow card would be Santa Fe’s first and only for the game.

Just as the first half was about to end, Georgia Clark had one more shot on goal.  The ball was launched from 30 yards away, slamming against the top of the crossbar, leaving Oak Hall’s goalie to scramble as she secured the ball preventing Santa Fe from scoring again before the end of the first half.

Momentum Continues to Increase

In the second half, Santa Fe continued its momentum from the first half as Georgia Clark continued to display her athleticism by driving another shot on goal from 30 yards.  From the edge of the field, Abby Boone perfectly passed the ball connecting with Shelly Latner who drove the ball in from five yards for Santa Fe’s second goal of the night.

A Bizarre Twist For a Successful Ending

As the game was reaching towards the end, Santa Fe’s coach would sub in the goalie, Na’Tazeigha Jenkins, as a striker.  When asked to comment on why Jenkins was subbed in to be a striker, the coach said “[Jenkins] “is an intimidating player.”  And intimidating Jenkins was as she would not only score once but twice towards the end of the game allowing Santa Fe to win 4-0 against Oak Hall.

Up Next, The Postseason

As Santa Fe girl’s soccer finishes their regular season on a high note, they look to continue their dominance into the upcoming district tournament.  Santa Fe ended its regular season 8-2 at home and 3-5 away.  Santa Fe’s first opponent is yet to be determined.

This could be Na’Tazeigha Jenkin’s last matches in her high school soccer career.   But she plans to pursue her soccer career as she has become a unique hybrid of a player playing both as a goalie and a striker.

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