NCAA Extends “Dead Period” for Recruiting

The COVID-19 pandemic is indefinitely forcing upon a number of different changes upon all sports across the world.

Collegiate sports stand no different at the moment.

Committees representing Divisions I and II of the NCAA declared that its current recruiting dead period will be extended past May 31.

At first, the NCAA placed the recruiting ban with the idea of lifting it on April 15. However the U.S. still sits in a state of quarantine. The committees did not rule out potentially prolonging the ban even further.

As with most industries across the country — and the world — health continues to be the current priority.

What does this mean?

Essentially, the ban on recruiting prohibits in-person visits between prospects and universities. Recruits are still allowed to speak with schools through phone calls, texts, email, etc.

But the COVID-19 pandemic will indeed delay and adjust the NCAA’s recruiting schedule. While in-person visits represent the bulk of the ban’s impact, different sports will make varying decisions regarding recruiting in the months to come.

College football programs planned an evaluation period for April 15. That will no longer be happening, and it’s not known when college sports programs will be allowed to proceed as usual.

Potential Further Impact of COVID-19

It’s an idle time for a lot of people in the country.

Young athletes are unfortunately having their prized and complex recruiting process interrupted. Moreover, the NCAA may also be preparing for a negative financial impact this year due to the pandemic.

A survey published by LEAD1 on Thursday stated that 63 percent of the athletic directors polled are prepping for a “worst-case” scenario.

Time will continue to tell. Postponing seasons, tournaments and events has come at a tough cost for the NCAA.

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