NBA Analyst Doris Burke to Donate to COVID-19 Plasma Project

On Friday NBA analyst and reporter Doris Burke announced she plans to participate in a COVID-19 convalescent plasma project.

The project aims to investigate plasma from people who recovered from COVID-19

Burke announced on March 27 that she tested positive for COVID-19. However, she no longer feels symptoms.

According to Bleacher Report, Burke told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski she had trouble getting out of bed from March 14-17.

According to Burke, Monday marks two weeks since she recovered from the virus.

In addition, Burke will undergo a test to make sure she is completely clear of the virus before donating.

Furthermore, Burke stated the NBA donated funds to support the plasma project.

The plasma project was established by a group of physicians and scientists from 34 institutions across 17 states.

The self-organized group aims at studying the plasma in an attempt to find antibodies. Furthermore, researchers believe these antibodies protect people from becoming infected again with COVID-19.

Return of NBA Season Remains Unclear

The day to day impact of COVID-19 is continuing to make the future of the NBA season unclear.

NBA coaches and analysts proposed ways in which the season could continue. However, questions still remain about the timeline of the regular season and postseason.

According to Burke, the rapidly changing circumstances in America could be a factor for all sports leagues moving forward.

Bubble City?

One proposal for the return of the NBA season is the idea of bubble cities. This idea proposes that players could isolate in a city that is free of the virus.

The NBA would be following the idea set out by the Chinese Basketball Association.

According to Burke, the idea of a Bubble City seems to be at the top of the list.

Currently, NBA analyst sees Las Vegas as a potential landing spot for a bubble city.

The NBA has not made a statement on the idea of a bubble city.

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