Former Gainesville, NFL Running Back Portis Wants Fraud Case Moved

Former Gainesville High School football star and two-time Pro Bowler Clinton Portis is demanding home field for a fraud case he is involved in.

Closer to Home

Portis is accused of submitting fraudlent claims to the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Account Plan. Established in 2008, this plan was included in the collective bargaining agreement.  is designed to provide aid former players to help them pay medical bills that are not covered by the former player’s insurance companies, which includes immediate family members. Portis is just one of 10 former players cited in this case, which is being reviewed at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern Division of Kentucky.

Portis wants the case moved to either Virigina or Maryland, which is closer to where he currently lives. The reason for the proposed change is, according to Law360, Portis had his reimbursement checks sent to Maryland while he was living in Virgina. Portis argued the case is taking place in Kentucky because the reimbursement forms were routed via fax to Kentucky. He claims a technical mishap shouldn’t force him to stand trial thousands of miles away from his home.

Background on the Case

Portis is one of 10 players involved in the case. Other notable players mentioned include four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Joe Horn. 

The former players are accused of submitting fake claims to the fund. In return, they would receive reimbursement checks, which totaled millions of dollars. The plan was allegedly orchestrated by Robert McCune and Correll Buckhalter, who instructed former players to submit these fake claims. The leaders would recieve some kickback on the return, ususally thousands of dollars. The players would receive reimbursement checks.

Most of the claims dealt with purchases of medical equipment, which was supported by fabricated perscriptions as well as fradulent invoices from equipment companies. This scheme was brought forward by prosecutors because the risk this fraudlent activity will have on the plan curerntly constructed. Also, it would force those using the plan responsibly to pay extra.

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