Lee Corso Discusses College Football

“This thing is serious, it is not messing around,” ESPN football analyst Lee Corso said about COVID-19.

On Wednesday, the SEC announced on Twitter that the game between the Gators and the LSU Tigers was postponed after 19 Gators tested positive for Coronavirus. The news came after the Gators’ game against the Aggies, which they lost 41-38. After the game, Florida Gator head coach Dan Mullen asked the fans to pack the swamp.  An outbreak of COVID-19 followed the coach’s comment causing the program to shut down.

Florida’s game against LSU was added to the list of games that have been postponed since the beginning of the 2020 season, joining the game between Missouri and Vanderbilt. It will get worse, at least, that’s what Corso thinks.

At first, Corso believed that students should start playing football until February 2021 but has since changed his mind. However, he stills thinks that adjustments should be made as the schools continue to play this season.

Unfortunately, the virus is not only postponing games. It also affects the players on the field. Because of a lack of practice, the SEC defenses have not gotten up to speed.

SEC defenses gave up an average of 41 points last week.

“First thing is this, there was no spring football where you teach the fundamentals like tackling,” he said. “Another thing, the defenses are trying to be too cute, they are trying to do too much.”

This lack of basic fundamentals has led to Florida giving up a total of 100 points in the first three games for the first time in 93 years.

The virus might also affect the other conferences’ defenses as well.

Teams that have a chance this season

While the defensive line is sloppy for many teams, the offensive line has been holding them together.

Notre Dame’s offensive line is one of the best in the country so far. On top of that, they also have a defense that can handle other teams. Corso believes Notre Dame is the only team that has a shot against Clemson.

The Fighting Irish are not the only team with a good offensive line. Georgia made the list according to Corso. The Bulldogs are at the top of a few categories: no. 1 defense in the nation in rushing, no.5 in scoring and they have two great kicking specialists.

Corso on the Gators’ upcoming games

Losing against the Aggies has not put the Gators in a bad position. However, the team has to do better defensively and needs to recruit better.

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