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In this photo provided by the Miami Marlins, new Miami Marlins general manager Kim Ng poses for a photo at Marlins Park stadium before being introduced during a virtual news conference, Monday, Nov. 16, 2020, in Miami. Ng discussed her climb to become the first female GM in the four major North American professional sports leagues. (Joseph Guzy/Miami Marlins via AP)

Kim Ng Fearlessly Making History

“Something that should not go unnoticed is fearlessness.” These are the words of Kim Ng, who last Friday made history for women across the Nation. With 30 years of baseball experience under her belt, Kim Ng becomes Major League Baseball’s first female general manager.

Kim Ng making history

Last Friday, Kim Ng made headlines after the Marlins announced her as their new general manager.

Kim Ng has had a successful, extensive and frustrating career in baseball. In her early college years, Ng played softball at the University of Chicago. Shortly after graduating, Ng continued her love for baseball with the Chicago White Sox.

Kim Ng has had the opportunity of working with different organizations within the league, including the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. In her time, Ng made history with the Yankees as the youngest assistant general manager.

Ng has had a difficult time getting to this historical moment. She had applied to a few General manager positions in her past but was denied. Ng did not give up on her dreams and joined the MLB as Vice President of operations.

Nine years later, Kim Ng now sits in sports history.

Ng says it was difficult getting turned down, but she emphasizes that she never once gave up.

“It is difficult going through that failure publicly, but you just have to put your nose through the grindstone and just keep going.”

“Women belong in sports.”

Shortly after being named General Manager, the MLB  congratulated Ng with an Instagram post that captioned  “Women belong in sports.”

As the first female and first Asian-American female named as a general manager for a major league sport, Ng will continue to inspire women and little girls around the world.

“its all about hard work, perseverance and still remaining confident in yourself. I think that is one of the biggest things that- you just can’t quit on yourself.”

Kim Ng has proven that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. MLB gave her a chance, and now it’s her time to fearlessly show the Nation what a woman in sports can do.

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