SEC Preseason Player of the Year,Junior Forward Keyontae Johnson remains an essential piece for the Gators success. Photo Credit: Matt Stamey, AP Images

Keyontae Johnson’s Collapse Not COVID-19 Related

After consulting with both local and national medical professionals, Keyontae Johnson’s family said that Johnson’s collapse on Dec. 12 was not COVID-19 related.

The Statement

Johnson’s family released a statement via Gators basketball Twitter Wednesday afternoon updating the public on Keyontae’s condition. The Gator forward suddenly collapsed on the court on Dec. 12 following a timeout in the game against FSU. The incident left the Gator community with several questions regarding the reasoning behind Johnson’s collapse.

Although it was never confirmed, many thought that COVID-19 could have been a factor. However, Johnson’s family says that the collapse was not related to a previous or current COVID-19 diagnosis.

In the statement, the family says, “The unanimous conclusion of all experts is that Keyontae’s medical emergency was not related to or a result of a previous or current Covid diagnosis.”

According to the statement, the consultation team included physicians from the Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Gainesville, University Washington Center for Sports Cardiology, Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard University, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Yale University School of Medicine.

Keyontae in the Future

SEC Preseason Player of the Year,Junior Forward Keyontae Johnson remains an essential piece for the Gators’ success. Photo Credit: Matt Stamey, AP Images

Johnson’s diagnosis is still unclear. However, the Johnson family said in their statement that they hope the conclusion that the incident is not COVID-related will bring peace of mind to others. Now, though, a new slate of questions wait to be answered. One of those questions is Johnson’s future.

In their statement, the Johnson family said their focus right now is on Keyontae’s academics and continued recovery. For now, Johnson continues to coach and be the best teammate he can be for the remainder of the season. As for his future, the Johnson family will leave that up to Keyontae to tell.

The statement said, “What comes next for Keyontae is for him to share on his own timeline and using his voice.”


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