NCAA extends recruiting dead period again

The NCAA Division 1 council announced Wednesday that it would extend the college recruiting dead period. The extension applies to all sports through May 31. However, the ban on in-person recruiting is still in place. With the deadline ending near June, it will be nearly 14 months since any live events have been attend by recruiters.

Eighth extension

The dead period was first enacted back in March 13, 2020. This now the eighth time the dead period has been extended. The dead period prohibits any in-person recruiting both on and off the field. Recruits cannot take official visits to campuses. Coaches cannot evaluate players as they are actively playing. Since March of last year, coaches have been limited to texting and video calls for communicating with potential recruits.

For example, several 2021 football recruits, who signed in December, did so without ever physically seeing the campus, coaches or facilities. Spring practices may be the first time they are even stepping foot on their new campus.

Football & basketball

With the dead period extended, the council plans to make an announcement by April 15 on when the return to in-person visits. This may allow coaches to attend live men’s and women’s basketball games this summer. Additionally, this means that the two scheduled live periods in April will see no in-person evaluations.

On the other side, football will also see no live visits. The evaluation period set from April 15 until May 31 will also bee off-limits to recruiters. However, there is one positive change on the football side. The council agreed to increase the amount of hours football teams can spend on out-of-season activities. The hours will go from eight to 10 per week. Also, there will also be an increase from four to six hours in meetings and walk-throughs, and another increase to six hours on physical activity.


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