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Oak Hall baseball is victorious against Saint Francis in their first playoff game

Tuesday, the Oak Hall Eagles faced the Saint Francis Catholic Wolves at Saint Francis in their first playoff game.

The final score was 6-5, seeing the Eagles prevail.

A Winning Start

In the bottom of the first inning, the Eagles get on the board thanks to a single.

Curtis Degner singles a line drive to center fielder Darion Medley. Jackson Beach and Andrew Pickens both score.

Score 2 to nothing, Eagles lead.

Photo by Lexi Carson

Eagles Remain Consistent on the Board

During the second inning, Neil Ruth scores on an error by third baseman Alex Kane.

In the bottom of the third inning, with strike one looking, Matt Leber scores on an error by Kane.

Then, in the bottom of the fourth inning, Ethan Szlachetka scores on a passed ball by pitcher, Zak Cetin.

Score 5 to nothing, Eagles lead.

Saint Francis got on the board at the top of the fifth inning, scoring three runs by Medley, Cetin and Nate Wolf.

Score, 5-3.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Troy Freeman singles on a line drive to left fielder Aiden Newman. Harrison Beach scores.

Score, 6-3.

Saint Francis at bat. Photo by Lexi Carson

Game ends in top of the 7th

The wolves catch up and score two runs during this inning by Wolf and Trevor Spencer.

The half-inning ended by Joey Calhoun caught stealing home.

Pitching Highlights

Oak Hall 

Troy Freeman pitched five innings allowing seven hits and three runs while striking out three.

Andrew Pickens pitched two innings allowed the last six outs, which led the Eagles to victory.

Saint Francis 

Zak Cetin pitched five innings while striking out seven.

Andrew Pickens Pitching. Photo by Lexi Carson

Playoffs Continue

The next district tournament game will be against the Aucilla Christian Warriors at Saint Francis this Thursday, April 29 at 4:30 p.m.

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